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Round Cut Daisy Promise Ring In Sterling Silver For Women

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  • 9(U.S.)\19(mm)
  • 10(U.S.)\19.9(mm)
  • 11(U.S.)\20.6(mm)

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  • Overview
      • GenderFemale
      • Ring StylePromise Ring
      • Metal925 Sterling Silver
      • Ring Colorsilver
      • StoneCubic Zirconia
      • Gemstone ShapeRound
      • Main Stone Size9*9mm
      • Main Stone Weight2.75ct
      • Gemstone ColorWhite
      • Jewelry FinishPolished
      • PackageOne free

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      Customize service of this item is available, and please notice that: the change of the material of gemstones and metal can not be acceptable;Half size is not available.

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A Short Video About How Vancaro Jewelry is Made With Our Craftman's Passion and Love

The Victorians had an obsession with flower language. Every flower was symbolic. Daisies represented purity and innocence. If you fancied someone and that interest was reciprocated with a bouquet of daisies, it meant that the gentleman thought you were wonderful. It would also imply they were interested in courting you and pursuing a relationship.This is the inspiration of our daisy rings.

Stamens part of the daisy was plated into gold, which highlighted the shape very well. It looks no less beautiful than real flower hiding in the anthemy, studded with a white cubic zirconia by six prongs, this ring release the dazzling light in the sunlight, which looks very beautiful no matter from which point of view-The real 360 °shining jewelry.

Apply to wearing with your family together, enjoy a happiness life. Mother’s Day, the best gift for your mom.

About Designer

YANG, the jewelry designer.On the journey of design, she created many pieces of jewelry for hundreds of people, all of the designs are the favorite pieces of her customer. Yang also created some customization pieces which are competing for imitation by many famous jewelry brands. Her designs published on the leading jewelry magazine when she was a student in Design Dept. Most of the designs are collected by fashion people, and some jewelry collectors.

Q:  Tell us about yourself, including what you do, and how to get the current status of work?

YANG: I was an art student background, since childhood, I was more sensitive to the good things, so I like to create beauty. Jewelry design really started when I was a college student, in the spare time I also tried to do a part-time jewelry design and drawing work. When I see my first piece worn on my customer, and she was very satisfied with that design, I thought it must be the time to be a jewelry designer. I love this job so deeply much.  At the beginning of my job, I am an advanced custom jewelry designer, to create the customized jewelry for every customer. This job helps me a lot, my customer shared many stories to me, according to those stories, I can feel the inner perception and different individuals of the uniqueness of each person's pursuit. This is exactly what I sought---to make the jewelry with story.

Q:  Please tell us about your style, what kind of person suitable for wearing your jewelry designs? 

YANG: My design style can be summed up by one word - Elegance. Everyone pursues unique, I was no exception, I personally prefer relatively elegant, simple, stylish style, and I like to try different elements, such as three-dimensional structure, geometry, totem symbols, etc. I think through the design language, these cold, masculine elements can be transformed into decorative jewelry for elegant women. If I have to give my audience a circle divided into words, Personally, I may feel more suitable for that economic independence, fashion, and the pursuit of texture women. 

Q: As a designer, where you draw your inspiration?

YANG: I am sensitive for all of the images, so I like to watch videos, see the exhibition, read the works of visual communication. I like things during European Art Nouveau and Art Deco movement. Their natural shape extraction and generalization are superb, curved lines, arc, interspersed, every detail impressed me deeply. Art Deco period is a great impact on contemporary minimalism, their design is more suitable for the modern aesthetic orientation, the geometry of the elements they use is very sexy.

Q: Who is your favorite designer?

YANG: I like a lot of designers, I think everyone has a good on the one hand, it can be used as my teacher. My favorite jewelry designer is actually an artist - Salvador Dali, he designed a number of cross-border surrealistic piece of jewelry is very interesting. Look at his design I can feel his artistry is very high, very sensitive, very rich imagination. And he did not neglect the feeling of wearing, but many jewelry designers ignored this point. In addition, British designer Stephen Webster is also a brilliant jewelry designer I admired, he is good at to design the mysterious dark elements very elegant and sexy. 

Q: What is the upcoming trend for jewelry design industry?

YANG: In my opinion. At the moment of the uniqueness of each individual's pursuit of more and more significant, so advanced custom jewelry will be gradually integrated into daily wear. This kind of jewelry is very obvious from the property, cause everyone wants to highlight their individuality.So every designer should consider how to do a direct access to the customer's heart. 


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