Symbols in Jewelry-Which is your symbol?
May 5,2021
Human have a long tradition of wearing jewelry to represent their faith or culture or as amulets for luck and protection.
Sometimes love between two people feels so significant that they want to represent it with a suitable symbol as well. Here we selected numerous jewelry for you in order to letting you find the best symbol which can tell us your inner heart.
Skulls-until death do us part
Even though a lot of people regard skull and bones as a symbol of repulsion and death and sway away from them, this taboo is slowly fading away as more and more jewelry companies are adapting the so-called gloomy motifs in their design.
However, it's also due to its representation of death, the symbol of ‘until death do us part’ has been widely spread when it was used in jewelry. Because “until death do us part” means death should be the only thing that will separate the beloved couple for their whole lives. Even after death parts you from your spouse, wearing the symbol of your abiding love might help you to keep your spouse near. Dare you to try this special symbol?
Infinity-eternal love
We often see this symbol in mathematics to denote mathematical infinity, an actual or potential endless quantity of values. In addition to its use in mathematics, the symbol is often used in jewelry as an expression of endless love or hope.
Because of the attraction of its simple design and deep meaning, the infinity symbol has become a popular emblem in fashion and accessory design, most commonly in the form of jewelry and tattoos. Think about those who you will love forever, and select one to show your mind.
Angel Wing
The angel wing is very special as it is a symbol of angels who symbolize protection, purity, courage, love harmony, and protection.
It’s said that every one of us has a guardian angel who accompanies us from the cradle to death, and stays with us at every moment of our life. If you gift angel wing jewelry to your loved ones, you give out a message that you are their guardian angel and will forever watch out for them. So, who is your Guardian Angel?
Daisy And Rose
The daisy is one of those symbols widely used in jewelry.
It’s dainty, pure and quite pretty as a flower. The primary meaning behind a daisy jewelry is innocence of child, youth, gentleness and purity of thought, so when given as a love token, it’s a beautiful loving sentiment without being so overt.
The meaning of a rose is quite obvious. It symbolizes many things, including love, sacrifice, inherent beauty. As an ‘ambassador of love’, it is one of the most commonly used symbols in jewelry. If in doubt, these two flowers are guaranteed to be the gift you won’t go wrong with.
Animal Lover
Human relationships with wildlife have existed since the emergence of mankind. This enduring relationship is responsible for the rich animal symbolism in jewelry we see today. Do you know what animals represent in jewelry? Here we have selected some of the most commonly seen animals you often encounter in jewelry.
Panda: Panda, one of the most precious, magical and adorable animals on earth, has captured the hearts of many people. Many people consider panda as their spirit animal despite its laid back and chill appearance, it possesses great power and strength.
Deer: The deer spirit animal will remind you to be gentle with yourself and others. The deer’s antlers can grow back once they fall. Because of this characteristic, this animal has been revered in many traditions as a symbol of life regeneration.
Whale: Whale symbolism encourages you to ride the waves of life or delve deeper into the subconscious and embrace healing and nurturing. As their size suggests, Whale can prepare you for tremendous accomplishments on the path ahead and can help you break new ground.
Dolphin: Dolphins are beautiful, graceful and intelligent. Since ancient times, dolphins have been a symbol of protection and good luck.
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