It's all begins with Lynlin's simple dream: create her own career in fashion industry, for an independent and self-confident, elegance and fine living. In Aug 2009, Lynlin together with husband founded VANCARO brand.

As a talent designer and internet entrepreneur, Lynlin brought to life all of her passion for fashion, and dedication to a basic belief that there was a lack of imaginatively designed and exquisite workmanship products with very attractive prices for new generation consumer.

Based on this dream. VANCARO's first vision is committed to "Affordable Exquisite Fashion," The soul and design concept of VANCARO compromises the merits of modern and classical style, ethnic flavor and international fashion trends. In addition to VANCARO own design exquisite collections.

People will always devote all of their energy to dreams. VANCARO is Lynlin's dream, but jewelry is all women's dream, we gathered the world's top designers from New York, London, Paris, Milan etc., and continues to launch their outstanding design. So that you can find the dream jewelry for yourself  and your treasure person.

VANCARO jewelry ,Make a difference.