Why Gothic Jewelry is a New Trend?
June 17,2021
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Model wearing unique jewelry set
If you want to purchase a gift for someone who is very special to you, what would come to mind? You might have probably considered Gothic style jewelry since Gothic jewelry has gained popularity in recent years. Let’s take a look at the history of Gothic jewelry and how they became so popular.
The term “Gothic” was introduced by Giorgio Vasari, an Italian architect, painter and writer who was considered one of the first art historians. He refers to the Germanic tribe as Goths. They played an important role in the fall of the Roman Empire.
Giorgio Vasari
Many people associate Goths with Satanists since they share common symbolism (pentagrams, inverted crosses, bats, etc.). In reality, those are people with a different outlook.
Gothic subculture has been built upon the concepts of vampirism, decadence, sensuality, forbidden, passion, obsessions, romanticism, tragedy, suffering, and the cruel reality. Forming an organic whole, they define Gothic fashion in general and Gothic jewelry, in particular.
In general, Gothic likes playing with colors, despite the predominance of monochromatic shades. Gemstones of multiple colors inlaid in a special way cause associations with stained-glass windows, which are the highlight of the Gothic style in architecture.
In addition, accessories are the backbone of Gothic. Preferences by producing Gothic ornaments are made from white gold, silver and platinum, that is, the so-called white metals.
Silver skull rings, silver medieval rings, or armor rings are some other terms that are also silver Gothic rings. Probably, such a love for the white color is due to the fact that the bright precious metal emphasizes the darkness and heaviness of black stones more profitable, which encrust Gothic pieces.
Onyx is used more often, but other precious crystals that add brightness decoration are welcome: these are large rubies, emeralds. Stones, just as the jewel should be catchy and massive. The inserts are used as a contrasting color stones – rubies, sapphires, black diamonds.
It is not difficult to guess that such a color palette could imply: red – blood, black and dark blue – gloom, darkness.
Gothic can be intimidating but for the most part, it is irresistibly beautiful. You don’t have to be one of the Goths to rock Gothic accessories.
Moreover, most jewelry in Gothic style has little to do with the Gothic subculture, since the art style born in the Middle Ages and the modern movement share little in common besides the name. But maybe this dissimilarity and diversity are what makes Gothic even more intriguing.
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