Moissanite: A smart Choice For Your Engagement Rings
August 11,2022
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Propose with VANCARO Moissanite Ring
As a remarkably similar gemstone to diamonds, more couples choose moissanite as the main stone on their engagement ring because its market price is only 1/10 of diamond.
But how is the quality of moissanite? Is moissanite as good as a diamond? Some questions were asked by people since it getting more popular.
Don’t worry, we will go over everything you need to know about moissanite in this article.
Henri Moissan
Naturally Occurring Moissanite is Rarer than Diamonds.
Moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars, which was first discovered in Arizona in 1893 by Noble Prize winning French scientist Henri Moissan. His first sample of Moissanite (named after himself) was found inside of a meteorite crater. However, natural moissanite is incredibly rare.
Moissanite can not be found in nature
Don O’Connell,president and CEO of Charles & Colvard, the original creator of moissanite explained this reason.
And in order to minimize environmental impact, the moissanite used in fine jewelry is created in a lab—unlike diamonds, which are naturally occurring.
Moissanite vs Diamond
Moissanite vs. Diamonds: What’s the Difference?
The difference in brilliance, hardness, color, and clarity between moissanite and diamond are very inconspicuous. It is difficult to distinguish the two with the naked eye.
When you’re looking at a diamond, you’ll notice both brilliance (white flashes) and fire (colored flashes). Moissanite also shows both, but typically has more fire than diamond. So, moissanite tends to have more colored flashes of light than diamond. However, this depends partly on the diamond cut. Diamonds with older cut styles or modern cuts with certain angles will show more fire than most modern diamonds. This can make it difficult to tell the difference between the two.
Distinguishing moissanites and diamonds based on brilliance and fire isn’t reliable, but it’s easier to see at larger sizes. Even so, unless you have experience in the jewelry industry, you won’t be able to tell the difference just based on appearance.
Additionally, Moissanite is less likely to attract grease or dirt over time than a Diamond due to its crystalline structure which should help keep the ‘sparkle’ longer between cleanings.
As the hardest known mineral, diamonds receive a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and followed by Moissanite which has a 9.25. Moissanite also has a high refractive index from 2.65-2.69, it’s even higher than a natural diamond. Moissanite also is the only gemstone that passes as a diamond on a handheld point test.
Therefore, moissanite is not just as hard to damage as suitable for daily wear, also has the gorgeous brilliance to catch everyone’s eyes.
Both moissanite and diamonds can be colorless or have some color to them.“Classic” moissanite has a yellowish or brownish color, often compared to J through M color diamond. This range works best with yellow gold or rose gold ring settings and vintage style engagement rings. However, moissanite is also available in colors equivalent to “Near Colorless” G to I range and “Colorless” D through F range. This gives moissanite buyers great options for mimicking their favorite diamond looks and styles.
Still, moissanite can change color based on lighting and may not always look perfectly colorless. Some stones will appear more yellow or yellow-green. Those sensitive to color may prefer diamond or white sapphire to moissanite.
Because moissanites are grown in laboratories, they don’t have the large clarity imperfections that diamonds may contain. So, a moissanite will always be eye-clean, while diamonds may contain imperfections visible to the eye. For those with low budgets, finding an eye-clean diamond in their desired size can be difficult. It involves examining many diamonds very closely. This can be time consuming and may require expert help.
VANCARO Moissanite
VANCARO only offers the colorless moissanite with Excellent cut and VVS1 and above clarity grade.
We established an independent moissanite department to put into research and development of moissanite after the global patent of moissanite being opened. To create super ideal moissanite, we have partnered with the European team and focused on the cultivation and optimization of moissanite depending on our mature and advanced jewelry craft. Finally, we developed VANCARO Moissanite as perfect as diamond.
As an affordable gemstone with magnificent performances, moissanite is a great option alternative for engagement rings and jewelry. If you’re interested in a moissanite ring, it will be a good option to start with VANCARO Custom Engagement Rings.
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