Why Silver Jewelry is So Popular?
May 7,2021
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The history of silver being used in jewelry can be dated back to thousands of years ago.
Because of the scarcity and rareness of the metal, in archaeological activities around the world, people can always find the existence of silver jewelry in tomb, as a symbol of social status, buried along with the owner, who was in the higher rank of the society.
Nowadays, though its representation of social status has faded over time, silver jewelry still serves as valuable pieces, expressions like "born with a silver spoon in one's mouth" or "served on a silver platter" illustrate the metal's wealthy connotations.
925 Sterling Silver
We have come up with a list of reasons why silver jewelry is so popular and why you may want to start a silver jewelry collection of you own.
Precious yet affordable
While gold has traditionally been valued much higher than silver due to its high luster and malleability, silver is a valued metal because of its use in various industries and its similar beautiful properties. Though it is a valued metal, the price of silvery jewelry is just a fraction of gold, which enables it the first choice of many.
High quality
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If you own a piece of silver jewelry, you probably noticed the “S925” sign on it. It means that the piece contains no less than 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy.
No wearable piece of gold jewelry could come close to that concentration amount because it is far too soft to wear at those levels. What this means is that sterling silver pieces offer a low-risk purchase for a fantastic quality and value.
Rather than throwing your money away a little at a time by buying cheap metals that corrode, fade, and tarnish almost immediately, silver jewelry holds intrinsic value.
With the price of gold skyrocketing, many jewelers can't afford to take a risk on creating fashion pieces that won't sell. Comparing to gold pieces, silver is not only affordable for retailers to create on but compliments every person who wears it.
It works with just about any personal style and fashion, can be worn just as beautifully in the summer as in the winter, and looks as elegant in the bright sunshine as it does at a candlelit dinner. Quality jewelry from a sterling silver manufacturer won’t overpower your outfit and will instead serve as a lovely accessory instead of a bold focal piece.
Also, silver brings a natural brilliance to your complexion that will leave people wondering if your pieces were custom-designed. This kind of color matching is a simple yet powerful phenomenon.
Skull lotus ring with match outfit
Silver also works with other metals. If you already have white gold or platinum pieces, you can add sterling silver into the mix without worrying — the three metals might have slight differences in tone, but combining them creates a gradient of depth that's interesting and sophisticated.
Sterling silver, made from 92.5 percent fine silver, is a perfect hypoallergenic alternative.
If the 7.5 percent alloy doesn’t contain nickel or brass, it's much less likely to cause an allergic reaction, which means you can wear pieces of sterling silver jewelry without risk of infection or irritation. This quality is especially important when wearing accessories like earrings, which remain in constant contact with the skin.
Easy to maintain
Round Halo Engagement Ring
Sterling silver is more sensitive to air and water than fine silver, which makes it prone to tarnishing. While sterling silver is more functional than pure silver, it requires a little more care to stay in pristine condition.
There are many misconceptions about tarnishing silver and the amount of time it takes to care for it, but with practice and understanding, it can be quite simple. The more you wear your silver jewelry, the less cleaning it requires. Just a simple polish with a clean cloth can be all it takes for everyday care.
Appealing to all
Due to its versatilities silver is excellent for all ages, genders, and income brackets. Worn by men and women, old and young, sophisticated socialites and the everyday working class, fine silver jewelry pieces are perfect for many different customer demographics and can be made to suit many budget ranges.
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